The history of this brand 'BEDOGNI EGIDIO' is as great and rich as the flavour of the meat it produces. Bathed in knowledge and skill, they really do produce the finest cured meat Italy has to offer. 

We are now supplying you with a selection of:

  • Gran Riserva Parma Ham
  • Riserva Rara Parma Ham
  • Culatta
  • Dry Cured Pork Neck
  • Pork Belly
  • Beechwood Smoked Speck
  • Fatback Lardo
  • Top Round Bresaola
  • Salami and much more!


The story behind the brand is one of whimsy and charm: 

"The old butcher came from a village in the hills and chose the perfect ham for Napoleon who was in constant quarrel with his intestines: a slice in perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury. But then the steam tramway commissioned by Maria Luigia of Austria stopped in Langhirano and returned to Parma 8 times a day with a car full of hams ready to go to France and Austria, and the best butchers became familiar the flatland. 

In Langhirano, everyone knows, the Bedogni estate is the most loved by wind and breeze: our hams stay soft even when they are aged for 36 months. We salt them just right, caressing them. We consent each thigh to rest for the time that suits it, not forcing anything. Our Parma Ham won’t make you feel continuously thirsty and perfectly suits every moment of the day. Produced with rare care from scratch, when each thigh is personally chosen by our butcher chief, it carefully continues its journey to the table being the Rare Goodness that we have kept since 1956. 

Our pork throat, on the other hand, is perfect for every cooking and for consumption in very thin slices, on hot bread: it is so firm that it does not dissolve in oil, but retains all the taste even when intensively cooked always looking perfect for dishes with lard in bellavista. It is made with the finest part of the pig's neck, only one is obtained from each head: a rare delicacy. 

Parma Ham and Gola are the only products that Bedogni Egidio directly produces. 

Salumeria, in Italian, indicates an art - that of butchery - and also a shop, still describing the ability of preparing long lasting foods. Therefore, the Romans conquered Emilia: within 6 days of navigation along the coasts of Tuscany, the hams arrived in Rome. Or, on carriages, they accompanied the legionaries to war. 

The salumieri in Italy are not only those who create the cured meats but also those who, by choosing them carefully, make them known in the country, becoming ambassadors of unique and extraordinary flavours and skills. Thanks to the butchers, attention to food quality and refined taste have spread throughout Italy, finding the virtuous path towards food excellence growth. 

Bedogni awaits the recognition of Historic Agri-food Product that distinguishes those activities that maintain unchanged methods and practices of food creation and processing, which cannot and must not change. 

The cured meats that I propose are very different from each other, as different and well characterised are the areas from which they do come. Our CEO and our Commercial Director constantly travel in search of artisan butchers and small village delicatessens, with the very same love for tradition as ours: Speck comes from a small remote village in Val di Fiemme, Culatello DOP from an old friend’s farm, Calabrian sausages leave their remote cellars in Calabria only when we request them for a delivery. By doing what we know how to do like no other - Prosciutto Crudo and Gola (Throat) - and choosing what only others do as we would like to, allows us to offer a tour of Italy’s delicacies in one fell swoop: in Bedogni’s selection everyone can find the cured meats that have made Italian charcuterie extraordinary. 

cured italian meat

Every single selected product speaks of the small places they were found in, the difficult to reach remote countries, gives voice to the minute and more intimate traditions of a territory and its people, 

of a food civilisation and its witnesses. Most of the products in our range have received prizes and have Italian DOP certifications. 

When you hear about the Food Valley, remember that it is made up of hard-working artisans, none alike, all eager to express all the love for their land. 

Passion for the trade, conscious commitment, attention to animals’ welfare to be attentive to that of human beings, knowledge and respect for traditions: work’s are also life choices."